Games for the Many


Games for the Many is a collective of artists, designers and developers focused on using the power of play to change politics. Games change the way you think. They can educate, subvert, move and inspire. We develop games to bring people together around a shared vision for a better world.

We run game jams across the UK, from Brighton to Manchester and we’re currently working on our next game for a potential snap general election.

During the 2017 General Election we produced and launched CorbynRun, developed in just under a month, the game immediately went viral on launch garnering over 175,000 downloads and 2 million engagements in a single week. 

CorbynRun was featured on Buzzfeed, The Guardian, BBC Daily Politics & BBC Newsbeat, Kotaku, Politico, NME, The Times, NowLoading and many others including German & Japanese primetime TV. CorbynRun was exhibited at the Design Museum exhibition, Hope to Nope: Graphics and Politics 2008 – 2018.